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Is porn a dying form of adult entertainment

Before I joined Stratford escorts, I did a brief stint as an adult model. It was great but the money was not that great, and I do earn more money with Stratford escorts of One of the girls that I work with here at Stratford escorts has tried to get some bit parts in porn movies, but there are so few porn movies being made at the moment. The Stratford porn industry seem to be dying out at the moment, and fewer porn are being made every week. It is kind of sad as Stratford used to have a thriving porn movie industry.


It is not only the Stratford porn movie industry which is affected. Soho here in Stratford used to have a lot of live sex shows. Now there are only a few clubs left in Soho which offer live sex shows.

A few of the gents that visit me on regular basis at Stratford escorts enjoy live sex shows, and like many other Stratford escorts, I try to do my best to tell them where to go. The choice of places are becoming more and more limited, and it is very much like there is an effort in place to clean up Soho and close down the sex clubs.


Along with other Stratford escorts, I think that it is unfortunate that Soho is heading this way. It is very much like porn is a dying form of adult entertainment here in Stratford. Sadly I think that it is going to affect Stratford’s economy. Other cities such as Amsterdam make a roaring trade of adult entertainment, and many girls at Stratford escorts think that Stratford is soon going to become a second rate city when it comes to adult entertainment. I agree with that, and I wonder how it is over all going to affect us.


At the moment, there are lots of Stratford escorts services all over Stratford. If less gents come to Stratford to enjoy places like Soho, I think it will eventually affect the Stratford escorts service. That means that the girls are going to be going on fewer dates and may even see the closure of some of Stratford’s top escorts agencies. This is not an easy business to be, and it is becoming more and more competitive by the day. Many services have dropped their prices, and I do wonder if the girls who work there are making enough money to stay in business.


If I had my way, I would not focus on shutting down the adult entertainment in Stratford. By all means make Soho look nice and clean it up a bit, but don’t close down the clubs. Yes it is important to have safe sex and stuff like that, but most clubs are aware of that and do follow the rules. Personally I think that the industry is very good when it comes to things like that. It is simple really, we all want to stay in business and that is why we all follow government guidelines and rules. Just like any other industry, there are checks and controls, and as far as I know, they are all being followed.…