I am not sure that we need to sexually identify ourselves – London escorts

When I stop and think about it, I think that we are too keen on placing labels on everything these days, and the girls I work with at London escorts are just as guilty as others. They seem to like to say that they are bisexual or just straight, and many of them believe that their sexual label or identity should stay with them for the rest of their lives. Is that really necessary? I am not sure that it is, but then again I think I am pretty broadminded even for a girl working for a sexy cheap escorts agency.


Who am I sexually? I dread the day when one of the dates I meet at cheap escorts will ask me that question. Will I be able to explain my sexuality to my dates at the escort agency in London? I am not really sure that I can explain my own sexuality to me, so how would I be able to explain my sexuality to others. Like I say to my London escorts dates, there are some days when I enjoy kissing men, and there are some days when I enjoy kissing girls. Perhaps I am bisexual but there are times when I only want to date guys.


When you stop and think about it, I think that your sexual needs change all of the time. There are going to be some periods in your life when you are going to enjoy the company of the opposite sex, and then there are going to be times when you only want to spend time with your own kind. At the moment I am enjoying dating gentlemen for London escorts, but away from cheap escorts, I would rather spend time with my girlfriends.


More than likely it will all change again, and I will want to spend time with guys both at London escorts and in my personal life. Sometimes it feels like I have overindulged a certain need and desire, and I just need to let go. It has happened to me a few times. When it first happened, I got really uptight about it, but now I have learned how to let go of that feeling. You cannot be everything to everyone, there simply is not enough time for that.


One of the most important things in life is to stay on good personal terms with your lovers and former lovers. During my London escorts career, I worked for a couple of different escort agencies in London, and I do bump into gents I used to date. They may not be on my patch at the moment, but I still say hello and I am nice to them. I would hate to part with anybody on bad terms, life is just too short for that. So, if you are hung about your sexuality, or someone is trying to put a sexual label on you, don’t worry about it. Life is fluid and I am pretty sure that our sexualities are the same way. You may find yourself shagging someone really surprising tomorrow or next year.

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